Kayaks and Paddle boards

A fantastic way to explore the beautiful Ely’s harbour and beyond. We will help you create your own peaceful tour of the sheltered coastline spotting birds, flora and fauna. Glide along at your own pace through crystal clear waters. Experienced guides will brief you with a detailed map, outlining points of interest. 

Optional Equipment Available for Rent:

Snorkel Set (face mask and tube, flippers) – $8 per set.
Fishing Set (rod, reel, tackle-box, bait) – $18 per set.

The Experience

Create your own tour and experience around the stunning natural Elys harbour.
 Sightsee. Explore the coastline with its secluded coves, islands and crystal clear waters around Somerset Island.
Feed the fish. At the wreck of the Vixen.
Exercise. A gentle way to get the blood pumping, you won’t even realise you are exercising whilst exploring.
Snorkel. Find a small island to snorkel off of.
Turtle watch. As they glide through the grass beds.