Jet Ski

 Best rated tour by Trip Advisor


Our experienced instructors will ensure that this is your outstanding memory of Bermuda on the award winning Seadoo GTI. Our tours cover twice the water of our competitors tours. Watch our video.

  • 75 Minutes
    Single $125 Double/Triple $135

    Tour Times
    9:45am, 11:30am 1pm
    2:45pm, 4:15pm
  • Early Bird
    Single $105
    Double $115

    Tour Time
    8:15 tour

Note: The Dockyard “special rate” is equal to our regular rate. Our special rate is $20 less than than theirs and $40 less than their normal rate!

Superior Watercraft

GTI instructions

Out on the water

Our skis have all the features found on other rentals with a top speed of 50mph as set by Government regulation. You ride the SAME high quality Seadoo GTI model ski’s as our instructors do. ( unlike our competitors! )
Quieter and more eco friendly 4 stroke engine, special hull designed to enhance comfort, mirrors for rear view, extended rear platform for easy aboarding AND MORE…
Exceptional stability Extra seat cushioning built in Enhanced safety features such as padded handlebars AND EVEN MORE …

The experience

The ride of your life! Personal attention is assured, because we never send more than 6 Sea Doos per adventure.

Image module

The exhilaration of flying across crystal clear waters.

Image module

Weaving through Coral Formations

Image module

Exploring secluded coves to spot turtles

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Feeding fish at the wreck of the Vixen. Jump in for a swim… they don’t bite.

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Daring to travel through the tip of the Bermuda triangle as you round historic Dockyard and the majestic forts of the West End.

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Visiting the extensive Sand Flatts off Pompano Beach.

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Travel under the worlds Smallest Draw Bridge.

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Spotting the majestic Longtail performing aerial courtships maneuvers.

The Reasons

Superior location
  • Just a 12-15 minute scenic FREE TAXI ride from Dockyard (one way). Taxi fare paid for jet ski guests from Dockyard, Southampton Princess and Cambridge Beaches and half fare from Hamilton Princess. Others further away get $20 towards fare.


  • In most sheltered bay of ALL jetski locations affording us more options when choosing a route to avoid choppy seas -Unlike at Dockyard which is very exposed. Close to the Sea Gardens and the wreck of the HMS Vixen.
  • Our shorter “no wake” zone of only 50 yards means valuable open water time is not wasted but far more water covered
  • Proximity to Somerset Bridge enables us to select a calmer route on windy days.
Superior watercraft
  • Award winning Sea Doo is easy to control
  • Quieter and more eco friendly due to 4 stroke engine
  • Speed to Thrill
  • Features Neutral and Reverse gears **
  • Revolutionary Braking System **
  • Exceptionally stable and easy to right
  • Enhanced safety features e.g. Padded handlebars
  • Special hull design enhances comfort
Superior value
  • Quality of tour is higher than similar rental locations
  • Less expensive with more action time than other rentals
  • Taxi fare paid for jet ski guests from Dockyard, Southampton Princess and Cambridge Beaches and half fare from Hamilton Princess.
Superior guides
  • Fully trained in First Aid and CPR
  • Articulate, knowledgeable , humorous and most caring guides. We work split shifts so guides are fresh and remain enthusiastic.
  • Well educated and most experienced

Please Note: Goggles and Wet Suits are available free of charge upon request. Free storage facility for belongings.
*** Two excellent aerial photographs of the Wreck of the Vixen and Somerset Bridge can be found on our competitors website which feature our very own skis !! Imitation is the best form of flattery.