Self Driven Motor Boats

Self driven motor boats (Boston Whalers)
  • Travel at speeds up to 35mph
  • 30 and 40hp engines available
  • Centre console – steering wheel control
  • Seats with back support and cushions
  • Retractable sun-top (Bimini)
  • Information cards on engine operation, safety and a map
  • Full safety equipment – Flares (Red, Rocket, Smoke) Dye Markers, Mirror, Flashlight
  • Whistle, Extra spark plugs, Toolkit, Life jackets, Two paddles & Bailer.
  • Extra Tank of Gas
  • Ladder
Complimentary equipment
  • Cooler with Ice and 4 bottles of water
  • Noodles
  • Bread for Fish
Optional equipment
  • Snorkel(mask, tube and flippers) $8 per set – up to $12 less than what our competitors are charging!

  • Fishing (rod & reel, tackle box, bait) $18 per set.

Designated a “must do” activity by major UK travel television programmes,BBC “Holiday” and “Wish You Were Here” Magazines (Frommers, Fodors).

The Experience

Explore the west end of Bermuda – approximately 40 sq miles of crystal clear water. Includes the inshore waters of the GREAT and LITTLE SOUNDS and Hamilton Habrour; Elys Harbour, the Sea Gardens and Mangrove Bay. (Rental Boats are not allowed by Law to venture either along South Shore with it’s hazardous reefs or North Shore with it’s swells.
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Sight See

Explore the coastline with its secluded coves, islands and crystal clear waters of the Great Sound and the sea gardens around Somerset Island.

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Over a reef, off an island beach or
over and around a wreck!

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Sight See

Look at Beautiful Homes


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On your own small island beach.

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By a reef or by a sand flat.

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Feed the fish

At the wreck of the Vixen.

You can DO IT ALL with a top of the line

Boston Whaler

(unsinkable and exceptionally stable)

EASY TO OPERATE - We show you how easy it really is.

The Reasons

Ideal Location
  • In sheltered bay close to the Sea Gardens, which are composed of excellent reefs ideal for fishing and snorkelling and romantic island beaches.
  • Proximity to Somerset Bridge enables us to direct you on to the lee side for calmer water travel when it is windier.
  • Visible major land features make map a breeze to follow.
  • Convenience store – sells snacks, sandwiches, pies, drinks and ice cream.
  • Restrooms and Changing rooms.
Attention to detail
  • Longer ladder makes it easier to get in and out of boat when swimming/snorkelling.
  • Back support seats with buoyancy cushions for additional comfort.
  • 30 & 40hp engines allows you to zip along faster than other rentals.
  • Economical on gas consumption. We only charge at pump prices not at a surplus charge like our competitors.
  • Our floating docks makes boarding and disembarking easier (as opposed to operators who work off concrete docks).
  • We help dock your boat on return.
  • Full safety equipment
  • Our boats are unsinkable, easy to maneuver and extremely stable.
  • Can remain seated when steering and still see where you are going