About Us

Our family run business has been in operation for over 30 years in Bermuda. Tony Roache started out as a dedicated teacher, working long days and rarely arriving home before 7pm. His three young children and loving wife convinced him to seek an alternative career that would allow him to spend more time with his family. He started this company initially with just a few kayaks rentals, enough to do small tours and lessons. Over time, it has expanded to a full watersports facility, providing jet ski tours, boat rentals and paddleboards in addition to the kayaks.

Over the years, many have worked at the marina, his 3 children included. Although they have all now completed university and are in full time employment, working at the marina has created some of their most treasured memories, most of which are still talked about to this day!

In 2019 Tony made the big decision to retire, a hard choice to make given his love for what he does. His son, David Roache and partner Shima Sarabi are helping him ease into retirement by taking over the family business and hoping to fill Tony’s shoes. After all, Tony managed a 30 year old company in a competitive field and did it very well!

BDA Watersports has been very fortunate with the young men and women that have worked here, and continue to work as part of our team. We are a family here, and our love for each other and our business shows in our service.

Over 30 years providing the ultimate in service, excellent prices and unforgettable experience.

Designated a “must do” activity by major UK travel television programmes,BBC “Holiday” and “Wish You Were Here” Magazines (Frommers, Fodors).

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