Jet Ski


  • Melanie and Christian
    "Wow! What an adventure! We had a blast jetskiing around the island paradise. Your patience, humour and knowledge made the final day of our honeymoon memorable, cheers"
  • The Carli's
    "Great tour! We took the Princess tour earlier this week, and this was better in every way! Better skis. better tour, and MUCH better tour guide. Thanks!"
  • Mianesva
    We considered K.S. as they are very conveniently located right outside the ship. We were not thrilled at the price (145 at the time for 60min). Luckily we found a brochure for Somerset Bridge Watersports right at the terminal where we bought bus tickets and we noticed that they had brand new jet skis and were also $40 cheaper and for 70min. On top of that, they indicated they would cover the taxi from the Dockyard (about $20 including tip.) I can't recommend this place enough and will surely repeat the experience next time we go to Bermuda.
  • The Jones family
    "That was the best jet ski trip I have ever had! Thanks a lot!"
  • Nicky Dartneu
    "Had never been on a jet ski in my life - I'm now converted! Fantastic scenery and the ocean was just perfect"
  • Jung
    "First time "Wow"...I think I'll do it again"



  • P Marua
    "A brilliant way to see the islands. Some very secluded beaches - great for those amorous couples!"
  • Joesph and Kristine Gravno
    Awesome time! great snorkelling and a beautiful day! A perfect honeymoon day!
  • Keely. New Hampshire
    "The best thing to do on the island and also the most reasonable priced thing to do. GO FOR IT!
  • Richard and Melanie Hart. Boston. MA
    "Worth every penny! Thank you for the most enjoyable day which we will not forget. Bermuda waters are amongst the most beautiful we have seen...we will be back!
  • Tim Delane
    "Top notch! Brilliant time boating and fishing"
  • McKenna Family. New York.
    "Terrific time. We'll be back."



  • Peter Mapstone. Somerset. UK
    "A fantastic and peaceful way to explore every inch of the island's coastline, small islands and beaches...what an adventure!"
  • Delsey McGowan. Chepstow. South Wales
    "The ability to view the island at a slow and steady pace and see inspirational views and wildlife. Will provide everlasting memories."